Two-faced lamp post… I smolder with night

Veranda : © g.s.koch

the lamp post

would burst its faces

this night, when

I’d wake up

from my sleep of haunted lights,

breaking this mirror


of night lights,

to be the gleam of

the mad moon,

the rife ruins,

of the past breathing in me

and sighing bright lights,



this night into flames

of a fuel,

of an ache,

that which burns it all with me

into lights of night,


nothing left

but the acrid smell

of sly smoke,

of dying blocks,

spewing fumes of burned up night,

black with the lamp lights


For Bastet’s Shadorma Photo Prompt. And yes, I traveled the road of rhymes… I am a rule breaker. 😉 Hope that is alright.

8 thoughts on “Two-faced lamp post… I smolder with night

  1. I agree with the ladies who have commented before me. There is a haunting spirit about this poem, but in spite of (or perhaps because of?) the lack of a positive form there is a continuity that is very revealing.Thought was never broken, and I love that in poetry. In fact it seemed to me that the irregularity gave increased importance to the beginning of each new section, much as an exclamation point or a question mark might do.


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