That which pulsates venom

A Snake of Rickshaws

onto the street, a meandering snake is there,

crawling, creeping in wayward wavelengths,

coiled with the lives of many being the skin of

this vagrant; venomous just for me because

I am a vulture of voluptuous veal, vying for

a guttural chord to escape my throat, to convey

the monotone of fear, that which resides, creeps

much like the snake of rickshaws does in my sight,


it is there right along my nerves, pulsating venom

through me, to its prey: the vinyl vessel of life


Photograph clicked 18 March’14.

7 thoughts on “That which pulsates venom

  1. have you ever seen V for Vendetta? all the Vs made me think of the momologue from that movie…ha…traffic def can climb my nerve, all the busy-ness…quite the menacing in your words….

    hope you are well. smiles.


  2. I love the word play & sounds ~ I can relate to your frustration about the traffic & crawling creeping streets ~ I hate it with a venom too ~

    And lovely shot too ~


  3. oh heck… felt intensity here… the v row (v)orks very (v)ell ….smiles… traffic can def. get on the nerves.. the feel of being stuck somewhere without being able to move..ugh


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