She is a Woman

Threshold by Chantal e.y. Bethel

she sings her sweet song, which seems to have risen

from within her smooth skin, vibrating in her strides,

as she plays with her eyes, with smiles, she has stored

in her sighs, as she gets along, she spreads warmth,

shielding us from every storm to come, she is she-

a woman who lives a part of her story, through

her gestures, her expression that tingle the skin of

us lookers, having us laugh with her, pray, sing her

in our words, she is a woman, she strives for love,

she is a key of piano; to touch her is to surge into

the sacred waters, she seeps into our minds to

have us looking for her, even when she’s not there,

she is a woman, a sorceress who carves us into

what we are capable to be, she is a goddess,

she is a mother, a lover, a bond, she is a woman,

she is always the flame that lights our lives,

she is the best as she is, different, wicked, sweet,

she is a woman, and hence she sings, a woman

playing roles unflinching throughout her life,

she is a woman who is everything, that is to be


Happy International Women’s Day. This simple poem is a tribute from my side to all the women.

And to end this post, let’s relive the song by Billy Joel:


21 thoughts on “She is a Woman

  1. ah, i am sorry on the exam date change and the headaches that will cause…love the piano and the sacred water…you capture a bit of the beauty of women for sure…and something that we can surely celebrate.


  2. A wonderful tribute anmol, she is the best as she is… And that is all we can be. I am totally, different, wicked and sometimes sweet. 🙂 so your exam is back to the original date? What issues will that cause for you?


  3. This is REALLY excellent, HA. I wish I could choose a favorite part within the poem, but I would have to choose so many phrases. This really is a PERFECT poem for International Woman’s Day & it says something about the writer of this poem as well!


  4. Careful of too big a pedestal! I like the flame as a symbol of birth, your beautiful view of her smile, her touch. I sense you have very good experiences with the women you know. When we love we bring out the best in each other.


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