Embracing Invisibility

I embrace invisibility of air,

and cling to it, but falling down,

unsupported by vapours and gas,

smacking my chin, squashing in and

teeth of the lower jaw, rising high

and high, ploughing into the tongue,

to let the blood rivulets surge out,

to taint red the invisibility of air,

and flush it with sinful crimson

of my hurt, rendering it visible

to my eye, because a victim I’m

of nature’s treachery, of ennui

of the evanescent air, I now

wipe away the rest of it from

my kaput lips, my persistent

psyche has me close my eyes,

to see none of matter of mine,

embracing the air in gratuity,

clung to our likeness, after

donning in me that invisibility


For dVerse Poetics. It will take me a while to visit you but I would find my way to your writing space and dwell in your words for sometime.

If you liked the video, please drop a comment in the video’s comment section on you tube. I am looking forward to get some subscribers, if only I could get some.


22 thoughts on “Embracing Invisibility

  1. the invisibility of air… i wonder how it would be if air and all the winds would be visible… it’s still magic to me how the air can carry us…and sometimes we fall and it’s cool when we still manage to trust again


  2. what an interesting pairing of music with this amnol…especially in contrast to the biting of the tongue in falling down…yikes…makes my tongue hurt just thinking about it…we can not see air but it is there…without it we would be short…ha…i am def grateful for it…just because i cant see it does not mean it is not there…


  3. I like the idea of embracing the invisibility of air. It is all around us, so very important to us, but cannot be seen. So much that is invisible affects a person greatly.


  4. Beautiful, HA, and I love that you are spreading media!
    My favourite part would definitely be this:”because a victim I’m

    of nature’s treachery, of ennui

    of the evanescent air,”


  5. hypercryptical says:

    Cleverly done HA and well done on the YouTube – I wouldn’t know where to begin – so much admiration.
    Oh if only we could embrace the wonder that is air.
    Anna :o]


  6. Yikes! We want the universe to be one way–centering around us and supporting us–and it does in some ways, and then not! Very surprising and intriguing. Thanks. k.


  7. sometimes I wonder, if the wind could brace my fall…odd I realize, but it feels so tangible even if invisible. lucky for my lips I have never tested my ponderance. definitely an interesting write.


  8. Ah! yes there are so many ways to embrace the invisibility of air – However, I think the video could have been better if you added the poem to an actual video than the static picture, it would have added an effect. Like the music – calm and soothing.


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