I bleed… I reach the end of things

Copyright – Janet Webb

I pour my lifeblood in a chalice

to satiate your thirst for my pain,

and rid me off my malignant malice,

sipping through this aged champagne,


renewal it is, a life anew would rise,

as we take these steps apart away,

but leaving a scar within my disguise,

from where I bleed for you, my Frey,


I walk on to reach the volatile valley,

where I can shed myself to tethers,

here waits for me my last galley,

blazed in a fury, thawing my feathers,


this is the end, the end of things,

the final words of my dirge rings


A 100 word poem for Friday Fictioneers.

16 thoughts on “I bleed… I reach the end of things

  1. Nice start on a poem here. The rhyme scheme is subtle and pleasant, set against the backdrop of the unsettling topic. The meter reads a bit rough for my taste. Although I don’t generally find formal poetry appealing, I think you have the content here to make a neat and altogether creepy sonnet. JMHO.



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