Clicked a few hours back when I was on the bus… did not sleep a minute. Blurry because of the bus tremors.

coursing through the cities,

glorified by the lights that gleam

through the lustrous layers of fog,

dense with the sleeping breaths,

and awake, feeling its presence

from within the windows shut,

counting the seconds till we can,

because that is all we got to do,


we are the comrades of the night,

warm to know the other one is there,

strung with the same wakefulness,

even if distant, even if it wouldn’t last,

while I pass through these cities, towns,

half sitting, lying, on the sleeper berth,

chewing a sapless gum, to count up

their comforting numbers in my head

7 thoughts on “Wakefulness

  1. being the travelling spirit is not easy as we dont often have the same connections as when we settle…it is something i have come to grips with a bit the last several years myself…


  2. Whew, you have made this experience come alive for me. I have been in such circumstances (plane, not bus) where I have really wanted to sleep but could not…though everyone around me slept. Very miserable when this happens. Time definitely seems endless then.


  3. interesting study…both poem and photo, have experience this situation traveling…recently I discovered those silly neck pillows, which strangely helps me to at least relax as I night travel.


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