Deceiving Mirror Eyes

through into the mirror world,

his eyes search for his lost reflection,

that he saw disappear, on the iris

of the reflection of his being,

he looks for it, shadowed by it,

finding his way, losing it

in the reverse reality, his fingers

deciphering the codes, on

the walls inverted, plains elevated,

blindingly searching for his self,

that resided in the wide expanse,

where lifeless lives drift into one,

and coalesce with each other,

into an amalgam of shadows,

he appraise them all but it was

not to be found, what he had come

looking for, and then he reaches a portal,

a door that leads to nowhere,

and on the other side, he finds it,

looking into his eyes astounded,

he stays put but it disappears

in the iris of reflection of his eyes,

he has gone and he has come by,

it is unknown what he is, what he was,

a material, now reflection,

reflecting back, disappearing in one,

and yet materializing in another, looking

for the eyes and the empty iris,

where he disappeared once


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26 thoughts on “Deceiving Mirror Eyes

  1. If you long for a particular trait and look honestly for it hard enough you will eventually acquire it and then it will appear in your reflection. Part of growing.


  2. I think it must be hard / disconcerting when reflections are there and then they are not and then they appear somewhere else. But a fascinating concept nonetheless.


  3. it has an otherworldly feel…can you imagine losing your reflection in the mirror…how disconcerting that would be…the other thought was what if you travelled through the mirror to other places as well…interesting amnol


  4. Fascinating. I have looked for me in a lover’s eyes but never in a reflection of my own iris! It must be hard to stay focused there–we are not built for the task of one. And ironically we are probably the only ones who could/should take on that task (though in a guided tour). I enjoyed the repeated returns to the place where the reflection was lost once and the suggestion that the journey cannot be completed once and for always.


  5. peggygoetz says:

    It would be terrifying to have this happen literally–one’s reflection disappearing. Conveys the concept well. Thanks for posting this.


  6. You outlined a perfect, relatable and often very hurtfull reflection so to say, or at least what it reminded me of, of how it feels when a soul has trouble laying down on rocks. Hope the comment made enough sense! I liked reading the poem very much! 🙂


  7. I was thinking about time, when we’re ‘losing reflection’….maybe it’s when frustrated, don’t know what to do…so our expression is changing very quick, reflecting thoughts… in this contest I’d say that original reflection is lost….interesting write.


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