there are certain things immutable in life

like the perception, that gets ingrained

into the eyes of others, holding us

on judgement, at a sanctimonious stool,


finding meanings in our meaningless words,

and explanations of our inexplicable actions,

they say they know us, but they do not,

they just know what they come to accept


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I am linking it up with Friday Flash 55.

17 thoughts on “Know

  1. and they know what we are willing to show them…to really know someone you have to spend time…and that involves risk…letting each other in a bit…but yeah we will never escape the perceptions of others….


  2. Very nice HA, specially these lines:
    finding meanings in our meaningless words,

    and explanations of our inexplicable actions,

    I think people are quick on judgment and hold on to their first impressions rather than get to know the person well ~


  3. This was awesome and so very true. We have this obsession with labelling people (even those we know intimately) and never changing those labels…just replacing them with the same attributes when they get worn.


  4. Oh, it is so hard to see judgment in the eyes of others….especially from the sanctimonious.

    As for finding meaning in meaningless words, that was something I was never good at. Smiles.


  5. G-Man says:

    What a perceptive piece of writing!
    There’s more to you and this that meets the eye.
    Loved your insightful 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your great support
    have a Kick Ass Week-End


  6. Perception… what people they think they know of us. I think how often “we” pretend – aren’t ourselves… Do we REALLY know our friends as well as we think we do? Nice 55.


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