Empty streets

she was a fine friend,

I barely know her today,

IMed- “I will give you a call”-

certainly I will, to hear her tirade,

though it will be different this time,

she is shifting to yet another city,

like she left this one behind,

our camaraderie stranded,

in the streets empty,

bereft of her smile


I haven’t been able to write much lately. The weather, the mood and the whole mental and emotional situation along with laziness adversely affected my creative juices. And I have been very much absent from the blog as well.

The prompt today at dVerse is to write a 55 word poem and that is it.


26 thoughts on “Empty streets

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Oh man, nothing like melancholia to work as Muse for the poetics within; unlike joy, the lyrical lines become dirge-like, the dark clouds press down upon us–yet just by writing about the pain, allows some light to crack through one beam at a time; thanks for sharing.


  2. pretty sad when those relationships break because of moving..haivng moved around in my life several times its hard…and you never feel settled…glad i could get to your blog…i could not yesterday as you had it marked private…oy…had me worried…smiles.


  3. There are times like this when we feel that with some friends we no longer have the close relationship we used to have. You have painted the pain and uneasiness in a very effective way.


  4. One leads one’s own life. It may not jive with what others want. It is ok it nothing emotional had transpired. Nicely HA and not to worry about writer’s block. Happens all the time!



  5. Yes, it is hard when dear friends leave us (for whatever reason) … I have cried through many kleenex boxes throughout my life because of this. And that’s what poets often write about. Yes, we all have writers block – it’s good to take breaks.


  6. Welcome back. This poem (or the friend you describe) reminds me a little of that Cavafy poem about the city: “You won’t find a new country, won’t find another shore./This city will always pursue you.”


  7. It’s so very hard when people we thought would be in our lives for ever – just aren’t. Trying to accept that nothing in life is permanent, that what we imagined people to be isn’t quite what they can be for us. Very well written – I hope it has helped a little.


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