the many sides of me

tumbling down, to the bottom of the hollow,

where nothing is such that can distract

me, finding myself surrounded by

my many sides: polar, dual, multilingual,


I meet up, with all my fragments at once,

so many, diverse, contradicting, insane,

and I discern, how complicated I am,

the whole lot I do, comes from them


acting it out for me, all these different traits,

dwelling in the same flesh, blood and bones,

combating for and against each other,

in a conflict of their impeccability and worth,


wanting to be an effective voice in my deeds,

I can not sprint away from them, from

these apparitions brought up within me,

sustaining inside me, being a part of me,


something I could do is assemble them,

into a single piece: befuddled, messed up,

ridiculous, dumb, strangled by the knots

of the properties tied of each into a bundle,


or I could arrange them in a queue,

beckoning the one I need at a moment,

restraining others, by my craft, from disrupting,

and invading the progressions of my mind,


but I doubt it would work out, for I am but

a slave to my instincts, and not the ruler,

and that is why it happens, that I get entombed

into doubts, fighting off with my identity, with myself


Well, this is the poem for 5 November for NaBloPoMo. I have also joined up with Rarasaur‘s team, Nano Poblano, as I venture into posting thirty poems in thirty days.

Also, I am linking it up with the Trifecta challenge, where we have been asked to use the word, craft, referring to the skill in deceiving to gain an end.

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34 thoughts on “the many sides of me

  1. Anmol,this is really awesome!Loved every word and I wish you all the best in this monumental task:-)

    This poem also reminded me of one I had written ages back(in the 80’s when I must have been your age) which I posted on my other blog some months back-it is in Hindi,which was my medium of expression till last Dec :P.If you would like to have a “:dekko”,here is the link:-)


    • Yes, I just read the said poem and that last line hold so much meaning. We can’t deny our own existence and hence we just keep on surviving. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
      And it is cool that you have saved your poetry from the 80’s.


      • Thanks Anmol and so sweet of you to go read it:-)I have at least a 100 more -in my diary-,other than sher-o-shayari-those days there was no net,so kya karte?lol!Glad you could relate to my “old” thoughts 😉


        • I tried writing in Hindi as well but it was never genuine. I was just forcing the words to flow together… and moreover, I found my love in English poetry and that works alright for me.


          • Great:-)Am just testing the water in the area of English flash fiction since the last 8 months or so.Poetry,on the other hand, has always touched me and I think I do a reasonably good job with both the languages.My only lament-that I did not write for more than 15 years in between-what a loss!Ah,life!


  2. Really like this. From the “bottom of the hollow” to “fighting of with my identity” this is wonderful ride inside a person and their existence. Thanks for linking up and don’t forget to come back and vote!


  3. CherryPickens says:

    There’s an excellent rhythm that runs throughout the work, yet I find myself reading these lines again and again: “dwelling in the same flesh, blood and bone, combating for and against each other,” I like how the poem sounds when read aloud. It has a good feeling.


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