Your colours

your irises are the colour of coal,

dark, brooding, igniting my heart,

with a desire, to writhe in the flames

of your wild sight, of your blazing glare,


your voice is the color of crimson roses,

succulent, musical, arousing my skin,

getting a feel of your every word,

mesmerized, by the tremor of your lips,


your sanctimonies are the color of muck,

impenetrable, rotten, stabbing my mind,

with the reverberating libels, of your deeds,

and the mouldering state, of your marshy stare,


your covetous smile is the colour of lichen ice,

toxic, freezing, breaking me into ruins,

by the hammer, of your ill deliberations,

repulsing me away, from your embrace,


you have the wan psyche of a fiend, colourless,

which rests beneath your masquerade,

of an angel, of the saint like eyes and voice, but

I can feel your sinister self, see you for who you are,


like you see me in my own colourless colours,

I am no better than you, I am a ravaging beast,

a mess of hues, purple, brown, olive, and blue,

splayed on and against, drenching my being


I am tagging it as the poem for 3 November for NaBloPoMo. Also submitting the link for dVerse Poetics.

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44 thoughts on “Your colours

  1. your voice is the color of crimson roses… oh i like that… full with emotions… and you serve a whole palette of them… cool that you chose colored fonds as well


  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Anmol, well done piece, that seems to fully serve the prompt in spades & roses, but it also has verbal musculature, that embraces the reality any relationship, soaring and racing from the emotional heights to the depressive dregs, illustrating that nothing in life is simply linear or one dimensional; good job.


  3. ..colourless is rather the shade of confusion…. finding your own shade (be it dark or light or blue or bloody) can define your place in the world and by knowing your colour can justify the role you want to portray… smiles…


  4. nice…i like your use of color in this…and the realization as well that we are not better in the end….i like that you give color to the voice…its starts rather beautiful…and then the colors take a twist…..


  5. Ooh sanctimonies….sometimes I just love the meaning and sound of a word so in some artsy poetic dorky way, I am happy I found your blog (via yeahwrite). Now I need to use sanctimony….somehow some way.


    • I started it off with the intention of writing a romantic poem initially. I wrote the first two quatrains, which if you would notice, are really sweet and praising. But then I changed my mind and I wrote the negative side in 2 quatrains and ended with a concluding quatrain, leaving it. After a few hours, I edited it and then edited it again. I was just about to post, when I made another change… adding another quatrain, giving it the shape it came out to be.
      Quite complicated… 🙂


  6. I enjoyed the smoldering and the muck, and–by the end–the surprise equality. That is rare in these “match up” poems where someone is always submitting or wanting to! I feel awash in its colors.


  7. I am no better than you, I am a ravaging beast,

    a mess of hues, purple, brown, olive, and blue,

    splayed on and against, drenching my being

    I do think we all are composed of a lot of different ‘colors’ which come out in us at different times. I enjoyed this poem, its color, its viewpoint. It made me think.


  8. This is a rather brutally honest poem–we all have this moodiness and range — which you bring out here–I especially liked the verse re the sanctimonious murk/muck. Thanks. k.


  9. That is a striking image, by the way. Your use of different colors for stanzas, then combining all within stanzas, worked well… except the green was a bit light. Green is a tricky color – sometimes comes out fine on a Mac and pale on Windows.

    This is very good work, HA. Thumbs up! Amy


  10. You certainly covered the spectrum of color and emotion–I like how you ended it, we all have our hues (hue are you?–sorry could not resist…) An excellent poem! 🙂


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