A Looming Future

in the polyester tube, of

the lava bursting crevices,

resting in their whale submarines,

they drink through the chalice of the skulls,

(the plastic gone defunct, and the wine dried up),

sip the cold blood of the traitors, who were

insane to stand against the in-administration,

being held by the powerful, godly goons,

(all hail before Mistress Graghaaa…),

and as they are holding an orgy

of their artificial dentures,

the navigation system rattles for,

there is some water found,

(or just remnants of what was O3),

their pierced eyebrows narrow,

and their silted lips sneer,

and they utter, in their gargled voice,

“Mwwwah! Whhhaaa…eeer”



and they shriek, in their embracing dance,

stomachs flapping against each other,

to the blaring music of Rack: the Nipper,

exasperated, the whole earth shakes and

sighs trembling, and breathes its last


This is my first and a feeble try of Futurist Poetry.

Wikipedia says:

Futurist poetry is characterized by unexpected combinations of images and by its hyper-concision (in both economy of speech and actual length).

Futurist literature primarily focuses on seven aspects: intuition, analogy, irony, abolition of syntax, metrical reform, onomatopoeia, and essential/synthetic lyricism.

I tried incorporating some of these elements. Now, you are the judge. And if anyone is interested in reading about an unusual ghost in spirit of the Halloween, you can read a poem, I wrote, a few months back- Chudail: Creature of the Dark Hours.

I am submitting the link to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Also, it would be my entry for 1 November for NaBloPoMo.

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27 thoughts on “A Looming Future

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    What a futurist ride, Anmol, with equal part Flarf and Conceptual forms; you did a fine job on what could be a difficult prompt; really enjoyed it; thanks.


  2. ha. i like this…whale subs! you def have to watch standing against the ruling class….they dont like that much even now….stomachs flapping against each other….err…haha…what an image….


  3. Mwwwah! Whhhaaa…eeer”



    Loved it:)
    I think I have these characters next door. They are on holiday with my neighbour and the noises coming from the swimming pool have to be heard to be believed.


  4. he plastic gone defunct, and the wine dried up),

    sip the cold blood of the traitors, who were

    insane to stand against the in-administration,

    I love the feel to this futuristic poetry on technology and our humanity.

    You’ve captured this world so well. I’m glad we are friends…

    What inspired you to write a futuristic poem? Did you have a dream about the future?


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