beneath the fiery moon

with a nightly sheen


moon goddess

sister of the sun god

ruling the sky


ready with her bow

ethereal goddess shoots-

echoes the cry of prey


at Ephesus

the virgin lady once stood

with her huntress gaze


Image source

For Carpe Diem # 330.


12 thoughts on “Artemis

    • Thanks.
      Yes, it is hard to keep control of the words in the starting.
      There is one thing to remember- a good haiku must always capture a moment or an image. I am sometimes lax in that regard but I try. 🙂

      And if you want a daily exercise, I am holding a monthly day to day prompt at my haiku site- A Haiku A Day. Though only a few days are left, I’d be glad if you participate. 🙂


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