Piece of Dream

sometimes I forget that I am a being,

I feel as if I am a piece of a dream,

and soon I would come round to find,

that it was all, a play of my mind,


and I’d have all those days to live,

that I have just glimpsed in my trance,

and I’d have a chance to change

the stories, I weaved and lived,


by finding that door, the exit

from this fantasy world, where

I have breathed these breaths,

and find and lost my broken self


may be it indeed is a planet

coming alive, from my imagination,

and I shall go on, and on till

when, I find the very end of it


and it is when I find myself,

in the womb, of the blessed earth,

would I believe that, I really was alive,

dream was my life, I was not the dream


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22 thoughts on “Piece of Dream

  1. Wow – “dream was my life, I am not the dream.” I like that. I do feel sometimes that I am living within a dream & wonder when I will be waking up. Sometimes the difference between dream and reality is very thin, I think. But if I am in a dream, I hope I never find that door. Smiles.


  2. really interesting philosophy in this…the awakening from the dream into life and in doing so having a chance to change the tangle of our skein of time, our story…kinda matrix-y…def an intriguing awakening…


  3. “I feel as if I am a piece of a dream” – a very strong beginning HA! I tend to believe that we need to be able to dream as long as we don’t just live there and do not forget to live.


  4. dream was my life, I was not the dream..wow great lines. Sometimes we wish to do it over but I found out that every mistake has been a lesson that I look at with gratitude now.


  5. A very good choice of words, follow by hard-driven metaphors.

    Imagine if our dreams or us is just but a figment of our imagination. What if we are not us? And what if our dreams manipulate or portray something else? Could our dreams be dreaming us up?

    This poem my friend is absolutely incredible!

    I love this!


  6. I’ve been fascinated by this philosophy – somewhat Tao, somewhat mystical for quite a while. My husband and I used to have man conversations about the meaning of the now and whether there were any true waking life. When he died, those discussions took a shift in my memory. Notwithstanding all of this, I very much enjoyed the poem and appreciate its construction.. Well done.


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