I am

I am a drunkard of emotions,

swirling around in circles,

expected to cry words of wisdom

while I cling to the edges of conscious,


I am a prophet of pious proportions,

thunder crackles up in my head,

neurons against neurons playing

the song of my insanity,


I am born to hurt myself,

and mend all the bones I crack

by the absurdity of my notions,

applying salt to my wounds,


I am a sleepy monk of silence,

in meditation of my thoughts,

vain, egotistic, self-possessed,

clinging to the edges of self,


I am a coward of carcass speech,

playing trumps with the world,

tying the noose of binds,

across my saggy throat,


I am the one you sneer at,

the one who is strange, queer,

because I have embraced myself,

destining myself to a life of bane


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1. Sunday Wordle

2. Poetry Jam

This is not a personal piece. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “I am

  1. HA, that certainly is a howl. You should work on that. Tighten it up. A poem written about boredom not that yours is I’m using this as an example, should not in itself be boring. Show how you feel. >KB


    • I liked the soothing yet hurried voice of the latest poem on your site. The croaking frog has such a surreal imagery… leaving a trace on your mind. So very well-written.


  2. wow quite powerful piece…all for embracing themselves they are in torment….made me think of a conversation i had the other day with another pet on a friend fo their who was homosexual and the paint ehy had to go through just for being themselves….


  3. This is quite a portrait, each stanza adding more depth to the picture. I especially like the first stanza, the words ‘prophet of pious proportions’ and ‘a sleepy monk of silence’ in the following verses!


  4. Very powerful introspection HA! I liked the imagery. “I am a drunkard of emotions, / swirling around in circles” and “I am a sleepy monk of silence, / in meditation of my thoughts,” are beautiful lines.


  5. thoughts220 says:

    This is really well-written, the choice and placement of words shows it. Really powerful, vivid and thought-provoking. Loved it.


  6. Old Egg says:

    I would hate to think that my writing painted a clear picture of myself, it is but a game. More likely writing will trigger an emotion with the reader that will impress. And so it is with this piece and reading it I might feel envious that I had not written the words!


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