Devil’s Game

I waged century long wars,

drained your blood,

Can you… can you guess my name?

I am your Vanity and

that is my name…

Call me Lucifer..



that is my game


* For Trifextra.

16 thoughts on “Devil’s Game

    • It was difficult to write 33 words (prompt) inspired from the song and the first thing that struck me was ego. I know, it isn’t much but that is all I could come up with.
      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂


  1. With due respect to the author/creator, one’s ego doesn’t remotely resemble or channel Lucifer, Satan or the Devil. They are two very different animals – not to be co-mingled. 🙂 I realize this is a poem and creative license is permitted, if not expected. I just wouldn’t want to mislead or misinform. I enjoy nearly all of your creative writing. Thank you! This one seems an anomaly.


  2. That Vanity is a Sin and since our pal, Lucifer, is always brewing up a batch of Sin for us to experience, I can certainly see where you were coming from with this post. Your points are all very clear, in my mind. Well done. 😉


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