Greece: A 100 Word Story

“I wish I could visit Greece. I am fascinated by the mythology. I would love to walk through those amphitheaters, pavilions and temples. I know much of it is in ruins now… still…,” he spoke to his friend.

“But of course you can get the experience anytime,” she replied.

“Oh! Where will I get the funds for such an exciting endeavor?”

“Not necessary… just come along with me.” She took his hand and walked him to the computer table.

“Are you buying me a vacation?” he asked, excitedly, but soon his expression turned sour as she opened up Google images.


* For Friday Fictineers.


26 thoughts on “Greece: A 100 Word Story

  1. How disappointing, although much less expensive. 🙂

    The conversation might sound more natural if you used some contractions. For instance, here: “I am fascinated by the mythology. I would love to walk”. “I’m fascinated by the mythology. I’d love to walk…” What do you think?



  2. This made me smile huge. I have a friend who constantly debates with me the virtue of travel. She says travel is simply exotic suffering just get a travel log it’s just as good.Apparently you’ve met my friend. Well written.


  3. Because you did not leave room for comment onm Questions I shall make them here. You cannot bring back parts of you that are gone. Nothing is gone except the past. As for solving the puzzle, climb aboard with the rest of humanity–Life is the only game where the object is to find out what the rules are. On a personal note. Climb out. A person , and speaking from experience, can revel too much in a squalor of their own making. Yes there are factors, yes it is hard, but only impoissible if you do not want to try. You will quickly come to a cross-0road in which you must decide betweeen the dark and the light with clouds. I hope you choose wisely. We can somtimes think to much of ourselves and embrace those things that castigate as. It is only another form of egotism. Kindly>KB


    • I understand and yes, I tend to be egotistical- alienating myself from the world. I guess, that is the reason why I lost the few friends I had.
      Thank you for sharing your wise words. I need to work on myself.


  4. How wonderful to be able to travel in so many different ways. I love visiting other people round the world via my laptop, people I’d never meet travelling in other ways. I like travelling in real life too, though have had to make some dreadful journeys I’d like to forget! And I’ve met some dreadful people online! The dreadful is a small percentage compared to the wonderful. Vive l’Internet!

    Your character sounds greedy for presents. I’m glad he got his come-uppance! I laughed! Ann


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