Escape: A Haibun

I was tired of the noise of the house- the TV set at high volume and the loud conversations. Hence, I decided to escape to the streets but it was a bad idea and yet, a fascinating one. As I trotted along the black tarmac, I was deaf with so many sound arrows shot, piercing my ears. I bled. It was a torture. The loudspeakers were advertising some silly newspaper, blurting out a headline of some corrupt doctors.

streets of the city

loudspeakers attacking ears

no respite from noise

The thing that was fascinating for me was the rapidly growing construction sites all around. A few years back, one wouldn’t have found so many sprawling business houses, with the hoards of bikes rarely missing each other on the busy street. There was the jam of peddlers and those behind the steering wheels. An accident could take place anytime.

packed with vehicles

busy streets bound by crowds

fascinating view

It was fascinating. It was a torture. It is an experience, I get every time I decide to walk on these streets. It is similar to the whirl-winding streets of my mind. A fascinating torture of my rapidly coursing thoughts and those ideas that are constructed to be broken, paving the way for the new ones, every single minute. I can escape those streets of the city but there is no way out of those, that exist in me.

thoughts and ideas

jamming the streets of the mind

there is no escape

* For Ligo Haibun Challenge.

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6 thoughts on “Escape: A Haibun

  1. You captured the intensity of the city very cleverly, and one can feel it. A very nice rhythm to this haibun,and wonderful expressions used. Enjoyed the style very much, and was impressed with the creativity.


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