During the innocent childhood years, I was suggested not to eat or drink anything as long as the eclipse lasts. Along with my siblings, I would restrain myself as long as I could from breaking this notion. But I was always the one to restrain myself from believing in these superstitions and thus, I would go and eat something.

dark mole on the sun

shy away from food or drink

I sneak an almond

While mother would have gone to school, my sister would put aside some wheat to be given to the underprivileged as alms, who would come after the eclipse, banging steel utensils asking for some or the other charitable thing.

banging heard

the sun has come free

donate wheat


* For Carpe Diem # 311. It is the first anniversary of Carpe Diem. Congratulations to Kristjaan and all the contributors.

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14 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. Thank you for your congratulations, they are also meant for you HA … because you’re a “kai”-member. What a great haibun you have shared here. Your haiku are little gems.

    Kristjaan (Carpe Diem)


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