Circus of Emotions

circus of emotions, finding a way to fly,

leaving a tail of silver glittering fire,

the residue of what once was dear to heart,


the land where, one had found the strength,

time to bid goodbye, to those boulders,

(which are now broken into sand kernels),


as the crescent moon gazes, meditating

at the scene of sultry separation,


the circus of emotions in tatters, flying

away, with the memories of those lives,

no longer tied, to the rope of significance,


I close my eyes… I am that pulled apart earth,

bidding goodbye to the circus, and along with it,

a farewell, to what all were my dreams once


* The art work is by Catrin Welz Stein. You can find more of her work at

** A quick piece for dVerse Poetics.

17 thoughts on “Circus of Emotions

  1. really quite moving…particularly the parting in the end…the letting go of dreams is so hard to do…they live so close to the heart…i really like that picture and you def did it justice…


  2. A quick piece perhaps, but one of sadness leaving another life behind, forgoing dreams once held

    as the crescent moon gazes, meditating

    at the scene of sultry separation

    beautiful chosen words creating wonderful imagery HA. I really enjoyed this.


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