Labyrinthine Life: A Haibun

Sometimes you find yourself abandoned, lost- suffocating in the labyrinthine arms of life. There is no way you could get out of it, but one last option you have been thinking of lately; still unable to decide if you are capable of enacting upon it. I have thought a lot many times of how it would feel to be falling down a building… what all thoughts would go through the mind, what all emotions would shroud over those dead eyes.

falling down

unfathomable feelings


Or would it be just numbness; I don’t know of it but I can imagine as I try blindly, moving here and there so that something magical could happen to bring me to where the string is present of destiny… so that I could untangle it because it is definitely messed up right now.

string of destiny

solution for labyrinth

still unfound

And I fall down somewhere in the darkness. Now I sit looking at nothing, feeling nothing, but still with that wish for a magical transformation of what has been bestowed to me by my life.

labyrinth of life

wait for that magical spell

feeling of nothing


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