Squirrels: This Time It’s Personal (Part XVI)

It is my turn to write something for the CSB Chain Story. To be continued from Part XV by Rarasaur:

“Welcome, McAdams”

“Gosling… Is that you?” She was still dizzy by her ride on the werewolf, who was also responsible for her awakening.


She fainted, without saying anything else.

“Oh holy shit… Now that is not why we brought her back.” Gandalf turned around swaying his grey robes in the easterly wind, which had started to blow all of a sudden. The old wizard was too worried to feel the gaze of those blue notorious eyes. “You can go do your bloody grooming, Aragorn. I have no need of you till this lover detective wakes up and tells us the things, she had come to know.”

Days passed and the squirrels increased their tyranny. They swept clean acorns from hundreds of acres of oaks and there were rapid consumption of the yearly ration of the alcohol of the region. Newspapers, everyday featured some squirrel, dazed, or attacking some goblin or elf.

“Is she still asleep?” Aragorn asked. He visited everyday to stay by the wretched woman’s side, to the bewilderment of the impatient wizard.

“Go ahead and give her the kiss to raise her from the state of being half-dead. My elvish spells do not work on her,” Gandalf simply stated.

Aragorn walked silently towards the glass casket, within which rests Allie McAdams, who even in this state, looked tantalizing. He was about to open the locks which had kept her enclosed from any harm, when some one appeared behind him.

“My precious…” It was a snarl, which was more like a hiss. The next moment he knew he was head-locked by a bald grungy thing. “My precious… is mine…”

He fought, punched in the open air, tried to kick but to no avail. He was suffocating and his body was going limp. He struggled, trying to get rid of this strange creature. He thrashed around, swinging the creature, finally getting rid of him.

“My precious…,” he continued to blurt out sitting on the dusty carpet.

“Who are you?”

“Smeagol… I name Gollum… my precious…” His eyes bulged out as he replied. “I know… what you need to know. That lady came to me…” He snickered like a mad man.

Aragorn was puzzled. “Why did she come to you?”

“Know about squirrels… one ring of power… Sauron…” He gave a momentary pause and continued, “And Goddess” He shuddered even at the mention of the abominable being.

“Yes… tell me. Tell me about Goddess”

“She is an employee and nothing else… My precious is the master of all…” He showed his rotten teeth and his eyes gleamed with the light of lust.

“And what the heck is this precious of yours?”

“You know, you know it well, human.”

Aragorn was doubtful and asked him again, “What is this precious you talk about?”

“Ring of Sauron… you have a traitor, infatuated by my p..p..p..precio…” He gagged himself before he even could complete his word and fell down there and then. He was dead.

All what had happened in a matter of few minutes was quite disturbing. He had heard certain rumors about this creature, which was lying dead before him.

“Traitor… who could that be?” He thought to himself. “Gandalf is a wizard. Darlene is a victim.” He looked at McAdams uneasily. But he shook his head. “No! McAdams is a new character. She wouldn’t have anything to do with the ring.”

He finally recalled what he had come to do there. He opened up the locked casket and bowed, staring at the paleness of McAdams’ skin and her naturally pink lips. Closing his own eyes, he gave her a deep kiss. Slowly rising up, he wondered if it had worked.

It had. McAdams coughed and opened her eyes. They looked radiant and she smiled. She tried to get up but she was weak.

“Where… where is Gosling?” she questioned.

“Gosling is no more. You both had died but you were reawakened,” he replied sincerely.

“No, that can’t be possible. Gosling has my notebook; I do not know which one he was referring to because I have had dozens of them. He had promised that he would read its contents to me, once we get rid of these squirrels.”

“What does that have to do with Gosling’s death?”

“Ah… well nothing.” She looked at him; her eyes squinted in concentration. “I am woozy.”

“You must rest.” He smacked her on the forehead and closed her casket.

“She is such a mean girl; still thinking of that blonde Gosling. Well, we have no use of her anymore. Gollum has informed me everything necessary. Now, I must counsel with Gandalf and Sam.”

He left her banging on the glass, ignoring her muffled pleas of letting her out. He gently stroked his hair and went to look for the elderly wizard thinking, “What if I am the traitor, without me even knowing of it?”


Please do not throw those acorns at me. It is madness, I know. But that is all I could come up with in a short while. Well, I do not have any choice to make regarding the next contributor because only one of us is left before the story goes back into the hands of the editors of CSB. The story is going to be continued by Grampus.

23 thoughts on “Squirrels: This Time It’s Personal (Part XVI)

  1. Greta job Howanxious. Your descriptions of Gollum were spot on. I pity the poor soul who has to tie this up into a finished product….where the hell is that Squirrel Goddess…those pesky squirrels can’t continue to dominate…can they?


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