“Where are we going today?” She cheerily asked, imagining a long walk at the beach or dancing at the night club.

“We… we are going to try out my latest invention.”

“Oh! Come on, Monty. You know your so-called inventions are always hazardous for some one or the other. Why do you keep on making up such silly stuff?”

“Silly…? Did you call my precious objects silly and What are you saying about the hazardous inventions? You are out of your mind. Nothing fatal has ever happened.”

“Believe me, all your creations are shit. Remember Eddy rode your, what did you call it, aerocyclar and ended up losing all his teeth. At least, he was not hurt badly. But that can not be said for Tina.” She glared at him.

“Tina… isn’t that Vanessa’s friend?” He naively asked.

She spat, “She was her friend.”

“Why? What happened?”

“F**k you, Monty. She died, because she used, what did you call it, your creamy delectable face mask. You had added lead particles in it which entered her blood stream, eventually claiming her life.”

“Bullshit. How can the lead in that cream enter the blood?”

“It was because you injected it into her blood. Yes, Mr. Monty, the great inventor, inserted face cream into a girl’s blood.”

“Oh! But… but… Such things happen. I thought it would work faster that way. Applying it as a face-mask would have taken a lot of time.”

Exasperated as she was, she kicked him in the crotch and left him licking the ground.


* Lead poisoning is reality. In severe cases, it can claim lives. Dear ladies, please be careful while buying cosmetic products, especially lipsticks.

** For Trifecta.


8 thoughts on “Inventions

  1. Hah! Well… how was he supposed to know that would happen? Inventors can’t be trifled with such worries anyway. Progress, discovery – these are the things they are driven by.


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