Eyes of Death

sing a song of love, tune of life in dark of

burnt images, past days hidden behind a

veil of satin, look forth in eyes of death, at

dawn, closing time of- – –


* Poetic form- Sappho Stanza. The first three lines have two trochees (stressed followed by unstressed syllable) followed by a dactyl (two stressed followed by an unstressed syllable), further followed by two trochees. The fourth line has a dactyl followed by a trochee.

* I tried. That counts, right? Got to know about the form from Monday Poetry Prompt # 20 at We drink because we’re poets. I just researched a little further.


19 thoughts on “Eyes of Death

  1. some interesting turns in this…i wonder my love exist outside of the shadow or can it be even in the shadow? light is usually attributed to it but…what an intriguing pic you put with this as well


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