Right2Write Prompt 9: Stop Terrorism

Last week, we had some really great submissions, inspired by the painting, The Boy in the Red Vest by Paul Cezanne. You can read them here.

I am trying to cover different forms of art for the prompts. This week, I bring forth for you a sand sculpture by Sudarshan Pattnaik. It is titled Stop Terrorism.

Sand Sculpture by Sudarshan Pattnaik

Terrorism has come to grip so many nations of the world. Many innocent people are killed because of this menace. It must come to an end. Peace is a forgotten word but it must be revived. We all are humans, made of same flesh and blood; then how can we stab that same skin and spill that same blood? How can we tolerate these murders, in the name of religion or geographical boundaries or language?

General guidelines:

1. Write a short story/poem/any other form of creative writing, inspired by the photograph of this sand sculpture. You can include the image in your blog post and you may or may not use the title of the sculpture in your creation. It totally depends on you.

2. Spread the word around. Inform others of this prompt; the more the participants, the better it would be.

3. Submit your link in the linking widget down below. If you have any difficulty in doing so, please submit your link in your comments. I will add them to the linking widget myself.

4. Do try and visit the links submitted by other writers. This way, we will get to know about each others’ views and writing skills.

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