You drink from me, satiating your own thirst

you drink from me,

drown yourself in my waves,

you seek taste

of my crimson beauty,

you love me, you fear me-


I am a flask of nectar

mingling with sweet poison,


woven strands of piercing thorns,

flowers residing in midst,


I am the mountain river,

fresh as a lamb,

sacrificed with the salinity of the sea,


you breathe deep as you find me within

you are breathless when you know me,


I am the cold dewy grass you walk on,

I am the warm quilt of the winters,


I bathe in never confessed desires,

I wear the robe of forgetfulness,


your body stiffens when I penetrate your soul,

your limbs tremble when I enter your veins,


I am everything you wanted

I am the thing you flinch from acknowledging,


I blaze the night with erect flames,

wasted away in a daze,


I reigned over you, you were weak,

I am your master, you are my slave,


feathers flying away in morning light,

brings you awake and I let you go

for now you know me

as the one with a lustrous shine,


you would vow to stay clear from me

but I am the sorceress who

entwines blinding traps,


I will find you, and you will find me,

I am the fleece you need

to satiate your own thirst,


I let you go, but I will return

with my luminescent stature,

and you will be welcoming me.


*For dVerse. I am not so good in devising riddles. Here, this whole poem is a single riddle. I am not mentioning the answer anywhere, not even in the title. You have to look for it yourself. May be it is clear or may be it is not. Oh! well, it is so simple. I would though give you a hint, which is that I have mentioned the answer directly or indirectly twice in these verses.

27 thoughts on “You drink from me, satiating your own thirst

  1. I’m not good with riddles, I was thinking it has all the attributes of heady wine or alcohol, but that is too obvious. I guess I’d have to agree it is the sun or daylight in general. Or, it could be ‘Love.’ >KB


  2. I’m thinking an addictive drug…could be (red) wine, but the injection into the veins had me think of Heroin or something like that. I don’t know of any red colored drugs, but then, I haven’t had the opportunity (thankfully) to get involved (except with Rx drugs, as a nurse.) It could also be an addictive love/lust relationship.


  3. I’ll go with red wine–your words speak of escape,delusion, addiction. (If it turns out to be your comfy, fuzzy, red fleece slippers, or satin lined smoking jacket, you just might be run out of town.)


  4. aprille says:

    Nature, with all her aspects, from rivers and sea, through passion and addiction to a single mosquito, taking what it needs from your blood stream.
    Amazing construct.


  5. This is a great write but, my first guess was wine, I wasn’t sure as some other clues threw me off a bit. It is funny but, I thought of doing one on wine as well but, changed my mind..I am glad I did as yours is truly intense. Well done.


  6. What an intriguing poem this is – and isn’t it amazing what a powerful piece can be written, with the idea that it is a riddle that the reader has to solve? I was going to hazard that the subject is “Dreams” – but I’m sure I’m wrong!


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