Right2Write Prompt 8: The Boy in the Red Vest

It is time for the next Right2Write Prompt. After extending the last prompt further for another week, we have two amazing poets who participated in that prompt, namely Helen Valentina and Andrew Geary. Do not forget to read their creations.

For this week’s prompt, I present to you a painting by a French artist, Paul Cezanne. It is named The Boy in the Red Vest.

It was painted between 1888-90. And it was stolen from a museum in Zurich in 2008, but it was finally recovered in Serbia in 2012. I hope this painting inspires you to create something of your own.

General Guidelines:-

1. Write a short-story, a poem or anything, inspired from this art piece. You may or may not use the name of the painting in your creation. It totally depends on you.

2. You can include the image in your blog post but please do remember to rightly credit to the artist.

3. Inform others of this prompt. It might help in increasing the number of participants.

4. Once you have submitted your link, try and visit the creations by other participants.

5. Oh! I forgot to add the linking widget. Please submit your links in the widget.

That is all. Have a good time writing!

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