Inspired Inscriptions

on one wheel cycle,

the string of life in her hands,

she breathes in the air,

a wish embedded in heart,

to find her way flying away


a flute on his lips,

he summons nightly spirits,

the moon awakens

along with nocturnal beasts

in trance of the magic weaved


tying her new-print cape,

she journeys through the planet,

looking for a dream,

spectacles perched on her nose,

mulling over her tabloid


* For dVerse Poetics where we have been introduced to the art of Judith Clay. I have written three small pieces, inspired by three different works of art (written in syllable pattern of tanka- 5/7/5/7/7).


15 thoughts on “Inspired Inscriptions

  1. ha. i dont know if she’ll find a dream in the tabloids you know….smiles….i rather like her cape…and that the animals of night are entranced by henry’s playing….i like how you gave just a hint of character to each of these…


  2. …aww… you def are really inspired to give us a generous treat in three…. loved the 1st & last one a lot… ‘mulling over her tabloid’ — loved that… smiles…


  3. The poetry really matches the dreamlike-tone of the images. The first one, however, just has a last line that reads a bit awkwardly to me: “to find her way flying away” maybe it’s the repetition of “way”.


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