In the shade of Peepal…

sitting in the shade of Peepal,

he invited the gossip

from around the village-

Who ran away with whom?

Who beat his wife?

Whose children disobey?

he lived his years in shade of

his best companion, Peepal,

as his own life slipped away;


his condolence meeting was held

eventually in shade of that Peepal


* For dverse Meeting the Bar, where Brian celebrates his birthday and invites us to write a story in 55 words. Also for Friday Flash 55, as suggested by Brian.

* Peepal is also known as Sacred Fig, its binomial name being Ficus Religiosa.


25 thoughts on “In the shade of Peepal…

  1. ah i wish they buried him as well under that peepal… a sacred fig doesn’t seem to be the right place for gossiping though..ha… well done in 55 words


  2. A man, (a village, a community, a tree) or (a court house, or a cross or a church) is usually at the center. I think this is a poem, a story that is in itself a symbol of life at its most fundamental.


  3. interesting indeed….it makes me think of those places in all villages where people gather for the news and gossip…and if that is where they always found him, then i would think it honor they recognize his end there…you have to be careful knowing all the dirt you know…smiles.


  4. He was centrally located in a protected–and beloved spot– and, in spite of his implied inactivity, it sounds as if he was the town’s information center–how much more connected can you be? Good characterization.


  5. it sounds like that this is the center of their world.
    Very nicely written Howanxious.
    Thank you so much for this GREAT 1st time 55.
    You are welcome to play anytime my friend
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End


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