Gold Pride (Re-Introduction of A Poetry Form)

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce a poetry form, I created earlier this year. I never named it but included a number of poems written in that style, in my poetry collection which you can download from here.


1. Three stanzas, two quatrains followed by a couplet.

2. Rhyming scheme- abcd/dcba/ee.

3. Theme- Some strong emotion or a powerful act.

4. Optional use of a color for narration.

I am sharing a poem written in this style from the said collection.

Gold Pride

the gold pride of the gods

seeping down the Eden,

penetrating in the soil

and under the ground


Hades cry out a shrill sound,

the gore of earth does boil,

the weapons form a redan,

and are activated, the death pods,


suffer the mortals, pain and blood,

amidst this amour pro-pre, crud


* It is quite a simple form to adopt. I would be delighted if you try writing this way.


24 thoughts on “Gold Pride (Re-Introduction of A Poetry Form)

  1. def has the intensity of imagery and pace in this….hmmm might have to give this a try…form usually trips me up but i think i can pull it off…nice use of gold as the color as well as it adds meaning…..


        • Okay. Sorry, I must have made it clear.
          The last word of the first line rhymes with that of the eighth line (denoted by a), that of second line rhymes with that of the seventh line (denoted by b), that of third line rhymes with that of sixth line (denoted by c), that of fourth line rhymes with that of fifth line (denoted by d) and that of ninth line rhymes with that of tenth (denoted by e)… and hence the rhyming scheme,
          Hope I am clear this time. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed your abbreviated sonnet. It is very effective especially with the use of run on lines which gives it a “feel” of free verse. I think it would be fine in metered feet as well – tetrameter or pentameter. Well done.


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