Late Night Calls

(This is a work of fiction.)

Late Night Calls

it seemed quite all right to me

to give you a buzz in the night at 2,

by no means found it to be un-etiquette-ish,

when I punched those numbers

on the keypad and then

brought across the cell phone

to my left ear so I could

listen the dial tone,

trrrum… trrrum…

you never picked up


I called numerous times

but you never picked up,

it was awkward and

hence, I dozed off

to awaken late at mid-morning,

considering giving you a call again,

may be it would be the right stretch

for you to talk to me,

I collected the phone and switched it on

to find two messages in my inbox,

I opened the first, it said-

“Want to talk to me sexy?

I don’t cost much.

I know you’ve been lonely,

it is just a buck for a minute

of hot luscious voice

to make you shiver down the spine,

message now to subscribe.”

from a number 10010101001,

seems rather to me like a binary digit,

I deleted it simply without giving a thought,

and opened another message which read-

“A-hole, do u call some1 so l8

in de nite wen dey r asleep?

Do nt dare call me again, u piece of shit!”

from a number that I knew was yours,

I deleted it simply without giving a thought.

12 thoughts on “Late Night Calls

  1. Laurie Kolp says:

    Uh-oh… I once called someone that late after one too many. They were not happy either, and it was someone I worked with (I was calling in sick).


  2. mmm…our missing them does not follow the same time table as the world…esp at night alone and home and them not there…def some denial in that deleting of it…i like how you paired it against the solicitous phone call…still stings though….


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