Day 04: Favorite Film Adaptation of a Book


Yes, movies are great but books are entirely a different thing. I don’t enjoy watching stuff as much as reading it and viewing it unfold within my mind.

What we create for ourselves is a lot more closer to our heart than anything else; like that crooked clay pot we mold, the colors we fill on a canvas, a poem we bleed from our soul or a story from a book we have read, viewed through our own imaginative juices, unreel in our mind.


That is all needs to be said.

7 thoughts on “Day 04: Favorite Film Adaptation of a Book

  1. I like both, movies and books, but I somehow dislike watching movies of a book. It doesn’t say that I don’t do it, but, if that’s the case, I prefer to first read the book (or the comic).


    • Yes, I prefer the very same. But still I have seen certain movies based on the books I haven’t read, like Girl Interrupted and V for Vendetta and I liked them quite a lot.
      But I have never come to like those movies quite so when they are adapted from a book I have read and been myself a part of.


    • I am glad that theaters there are peaceful. Here it is a horrifying experience; like when I went to watch a political thriller and a man sitting behind me was narrating the very next scene of the movie as it unfolded on the screen. And the other time when I was kicked a number of times.
      Yes, I like movies but I am not so enthralled about those which are adapted from a book. So, I prefer to watch movies on the TV late in the night; the only problem being the wretched commercials. 🙂


  2. I don’t watch TV much. Especially when I am writing. Sometimes we get a netflix series or a movie. Very rarely we go to theater to see something that just has to be seen on the big screen, like “Inception”.


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