Day02: A book that you have read repeatedly

The second day challenge is to discuss about such books that you have read a number of times. Well, I never seem to get bored of certain books. For instance, I have read the Hunger Games series thrice. I can read those three books a few more times. The thing is that I am quite impressed by the entire plot line. It was the first Utopian series I had read. Later on, I read The Maze Runner series as well but it did not have the same effect on me.

Two other such novels are A Week in Winter and Eat cake (both having been already discussed yesterday), that I have read at least four to five times. Moreover, I have read all the books from Harry Potter series at least twice and some of them even more number of times and I have read The Help three times.

Oh! I forgot to mention a novel named Two States by Chetan Bhagat, which I return to again and again. It tells of a story of a girl and a boy who wants to get married but they belong to different communities. It is quite an amusing story with excellent humor that tells you how complicated marriage can be in a diverse country like India. It is nothing special if the language and the narration of the novel be considered but the story is such that it wouldn’t fail to entertain you whenever you read it.

I am not sure why I go back to a book that I have already read. It is as if the book summons me itself. May be it is because of the story or there is a certain character I can’t forget, I am just not sure.

That is all for the second day question. Have a good day.


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