Right2Write Prompt 4: Finger

Okay, I am a day late in posting the prompt this week. I apologize for that. As for the last week’s prompt, we got some nice entries by MindLoveMisery, beebeesworld, Melanie and Tim and even one by me. Ha! You can find all the links here.

The prompt for the next week is again a visual one, because I have noticed some great creative juices flowing through the help of photographs. The photograph this time is as follows:



Now, you may find it a little awkward or humorous or may be nothing at all. Find for yourself what you see in the photograph. It is titled Finger, but it isn’t necessary for you to use the very word in your creation.

Again, I hold the copyright to this image; so please include it in your post and link it back to me. Thank you.

General guidelines:-

1. Write a short-story or a poem or anything you want, based on the photograph. Do not fail to include it in your post.

2. Please do promote the prompt because it would be a lovely thing if we could increase our numbers. It would become even more interesting.

3. Kindly visit the other links(even only one another) after posting your own in the linking widget below.

That is all. Good Luck! I know you all will come up with something great.


15 thoughts on “Right2Write Prompt 4: Finger

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  2. Dove Seven Gold says:

    You’re welcome, it was fun and I will do another one 🙂 but….. I had to take the pic down as it was pointed out to me that it was not of the two tiny men and a big fat toad LOL very funny though 😀


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