Moment: A Haibun


As I pave my way on the wet sand, there are those marks left behind but only for a while; soon to be swept away by the rushing sea waves. The sea breeze is warm and cold at the same time and plays with my hair. It is at this moment when I turn towards the horizon, where one could see the mating sea and sky. I am falling in love with this scene but it is only a few minutes time when I would get a summon of leaving behind this moment which won’t ever come again. It is like those footprints I talked about. Oh! They are already melted into the waters . I must as well disappear into this wind. But I was here and that moment was here with me. A tiny kernel of sand would one day tell you this story; it is for you to believe or not.

leaving behind me

a moment of memory

temporary marks


*For Carpe Diem Kamishbai # 3. The prompt is to write a haibun inspired by the above photograph and the following haiku by Jane Reichhold:-

smooth sand

chasing children down the beach

their foot prints

2 thoughts on “Moment: A Haibun

  1. You have really conveyed the importance of being in the present moment, the fleeting and transitory nature of our lives which make them so singularly precious

    The new prompt is up if you are interested =)


  2. “I must as well disappear into this wind. But I was here and that moment was here with me.” These sentences caught me … a wonderful haibun you have shared here with us, it’s so true all what you have said in here. And that’s worth … that one moment with your feet in the water, seeing how the sea takes your footprints with it … into the everlasting water of life.


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