Reflection Haiku

reflection of self

mirror shatters into shards

a smiling image


a smiling image

blood stitches sealing the lips

the twinkling dark eyes


summer light flickers

colorful prism of river

creation of nature


creation of nature

river becoming the sky

no disparity

*For Carpe Diem # 253 Reflection. The first two are the dark creations. The latter two are nature-based. 

10 thoughts on “Reflection Haiku

  1. The first two haiku brought a nice memory to me. Several years ago, my youngest daughter made photo’s of herself in front of the mirror and she always had the same face. I don’t know how to say that, but she always had her lips as if she was kissing someone. Now my daughter has moved in with her boyfriend, but those memories are great.
    The second two haiku are just wonderful, “river becoming the sky” wonderfully composed line.

    walking through puddles
    stepping on the dark rain clouds –
    finally the sun



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