Nothingness of Life (dVerse OLN)

the bam, the bOOm

and the statues befell,

paper puppets filled with

litters and scraps and nothing else,


but of those crackers

that flare up the sparkles

that massacre these tall chaps,

50 feet high and sometimes more,


those who epitomize evil,

but they stood for a day,

they befell with celebration

of nothing,


t’is said good wins over the evil,

and hence we represent,

with these smokes and noises,

we celebrate, we dance away,


we go zany, we find ourselves

lost in crowds, who are there

with no reason but to be a part

of a throng and nothing;


nothing else but a sense

that we will win because

we are good and decent, who says that,

but for you, no one and said word is,


nothing, this zilch that rules our lives,

evil, wicked which is brutal than evil,


we have espoused while we

look at those paper mounds,

burning, our eyes smoldering along

but for naught, nothing,


nothing that prevails,

nothing, that our lives

have become these days

*dVerse Open Link Night.

9 thoughts on “Nothingness of Life (dVerse OLN)

  1. its rather haunting actually…who defines good? is it not the victor? the definitions seem to change though to fit the circumstance…i have been in those places where i was in it for the experience…i think many of our celebrations are that way these days…we’ve lost much of the symbolism and meaning behind them…


  2. There certainly IS a lot of ‘nothing’ in life these days. I wonder sometimes just how we can turn this around. A thought-provoking poem.


  3. I have been on the streets when power changes hands, when one leader is driven away and another takes his place ~ In the crowd, we can get lost, including the meaning of our journey ~ There may be nothing but all things come into perspective and place when we reflect on them ~ I like to think such events have their place in time ~


  4. Very nice. I find it interesting that you infuse more archaic expressions into a modern piece and manage to pull it off. Personally, I think fireworks are best left in the hands of professionals. Power doesn’t belong to everyone.


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