Autumn Haiku: Jane Reichhold Inspired Creation

a lonely stray boat

a sad song of centuries

a leaf descends down


a leaf descends down

rotten layers of a stream

pain of the time lost


pain of the time lost

voice of the many lives lived

sad note on piano


sad note on piano

rustic gold spread everywhere

painting on canvas


painting on canvas

intoxicating beauty

a singing scenery


* For Carpe Diem Special # 48. The set of haiku is inspired from Jane Reichhold’s creation:

river song

wind blown from autumn trees

a stream of gold


16 thoughts on “Autumn Haiku: Jane Reichhold Inspired Creation

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Never before have I thought of a stream as having “rotten layers.” But why not? Everything has something that it tries to hide from others…



  2. A beautiful series of haiku, and all inspired on the one by Jane, really you were on a roll. This is wonderful and that photo going with it is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


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