Listening Haiku

a low voice calling

vanish away finding it

listen to heart’s beat


dissolving in breeze

inhale life with every breath

listen nature’s words


coo of nightingale

wind halts to listen to it

pull open thy heart

* For Carpe Diem # 245 Listening.


12 thoughts on “Listening Haiku

  1. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    Oh, I thought yours was the face being caressed by the little blue bird! 🙂

    When the low voice calls, do we hear it? Or do we mistake it for something else—a refrigerator humming, perhaps, or just our imagination?


    • Oh… actually, I was talking about my gravatar there. I guess I would remove the statement.

      I think we do feel the tremor of this low voice and that is the way by which we hear it.. Thanks for sharing words.


  2. WOW! HA … these three haiku are gorgeous. The second is my favorite, because I can relate to taht one. I am a nature’s freak and I love the silence of nature … nature helps me to listen to the people and the nature around me. Thank you for sharing.


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