Cold Rain: Basho Inspired Creations

A cold rain starting

And no hat —



drenching me throughout

a cold rain spattering down

clothes cling to body


tilted umbrella

drops soaking the plastic face

thunder up above

* The first haiku is written by Basho. And the other two are my own inspired creations.


13 thoughts on “Cold Rain: Basho Inspired Creations

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that no matter how hot it is, the rain, coming from so far up, is always cool and refreshing on the skin! Love that you reminded me of that feeling in the third poem! Thanks!Tanka Whirl


  2. Am late to comment. Scrolling through past prompts to see if I missed anyone. I like that you did this on your own. I’ve thought of trying that too. Great image and your first creation is my favorite.


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