33 thoughts on “Sshhh…

    • I know. Everyone would see this episode differently..
      It was thrilling to write it.. but in the end, it made me sad.

      Thank you for sharing your words about the piece.


  1. Kir Piccini says:

    oh, as the mom of twins who are 5, I hear myself saying shh too often, in church, in Walmart, In the movies, but really they just want to express themselves. Sometimes I wonder if there is a happy medium with it…where I can let them make the noise of their life.

    this was good…and sad, and made me think, as a mom, most of all.


  2. So much left to the reader to decide here. It isn’t clear to me that the child is actually in danger from the person that’s talking. It could be that the person that is telling the kid to be quiet is trying to protect the kid. That’s just how I read it though. I wanted more, but I guess 33 is all we get.
    Good stuff dude.


  3. This is so softly beautiful. I learned a while ago that a dear friend was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I thought of him when I read this, and the battle he is facing. These 33 words have really touched me:)


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