Stairway to Heaven: A 100 Word Story

“And she is buying a stairway to heaven…,” he was lost in the song, croaking his drowsy voice along with the track, which he thought, precisely matched with that of the singer.

“Shut up bud. Sing to yourself. I am here trying to study and your cacophony is bugging me.”

He gave him a dirty look and continued his cackling.

“Seriously, I gifted you the CD so that you could listen to it and be dazzled by the brilliance of the track, not ruin it up.”

“It is Led Zeppelin. What do you reckon? I dance over it. Let me sing.”

Copyright – David Stewart

*Written in response of Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt.

*And here is the song for those who love it and for those who have never heard it-

*And my e-book (poetry collection) is available free of cost, download it from this link.


35 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven: A 100 Word Story

      • My kids sing in their high school choir and they got a chance and sounded as good as I expected. However there were some that were convinced a record executive would sign them if they just cut loose. OUCH for my ears.


        • Even though I laugh, I know I come in the category of the latter ones. An agony for anyone in the vicinity when I began to sing…
          But I guess singing is something you do for your own pleasure, without a care of the world. So why not just sing and enjoy.. 😀


  1. Just let the guy sing, darn it! I like this story. I can relate to it, in the way that I am the sort to sing along to any good song I find. Albeit, I would never do so when someone is studying, but I have,, on occasion, begun singing without realizing,

    Too often, people don’t think about the fact that whether or not they have a good voice should not be what decides if you sing. Sure, there’s a time and a place for singing, and there are always going to be those people who *do* sing simply because they think they’re hot stuff and everyone should hear them. But more often, people sing simply because they enjoy it and it makes them happy, and their skill level plays no part. I believe your character is part of that later group, and wish him many more chances to sing, but in perhaps a better chosen time and location.


    • I know what you mean by singing without realizing…
      Yes, singing is something that you do for your own pleasure. Every one isn’t a singer and every one isn’t blessed with a godly voice.. but still why not just sing and dance along with the tunes! But right you are, one must also take care of the time and location. Your own pleasure shouldn’t become the reason for the others’ frustration.
      Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂


  2. I loved his “voice,” regardless of whether he was ruining the song or not!

    PS: “cacophony” is possible my second most favorite word of all time – great usage!


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