Writing.. No, let’s do some Internet first!

Me: Write, write, write.. Write down something.

After 2 minutes,

Me: Let’s look up for some inspiration on the internet.

After 2 hours,

Me: Oh crap! I have to write a story for the project today.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Why am I not able to write anything?

After half an hour,

Me: After writing these few paragraphs, I do not know how to move ahead with it.

After a few seconds of pondering and worrying,

Me: I am irritated. Let’s write a haiku. No, let’s see the prompt of the day at Carpe Diem. I will work on it. Okay, so today’s word is Fortitude. Okay, let’s work on it.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Nothing. Blank. What is happening with me?

After 10 minutes, merely writing a haiku or so,

Me: It is the worst I could have done. Let’s do something else after saving it as a draft.

After an hour,

Me: Evening time, pleasant weather.. Let’s go for a walk.

After coming back,

Me: Haven’t written anything substantial today. Hmm.. well, I wrote an extra story yesterday. Let’s refine it. No, let’s do some internet first.

Opens up the wordpress account and writes this post.

And here I am right (I need to write) now, irritated, frustrated and hungry, which I am very often nowadays.

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