Intolerance Haiku

the myths of today

intolerance against life lived

breaking social norms

* I have to confess.. I am not able to complete many haiku I begin to create nowadays and I tend to erase even those I ended up creating and didn’t like. I am more comfortable in writing the haiku related to nature or cultural symbols. This haiku is written in response of Carpe Diem # 237.

20 thoughts on “Intolerance Haiku

  1. I agree. I also am more at home with nature but it is always good to stretch and try something new. The beauty part of a blog is, you can edit and re-edit to your heart’s content!! PS Age discrimination eg ‘a life lived’ is an appalling reality , at least in the society in which I live!


  2. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    “Intolerance” is an almost impossible prompt for writing haiku. That you even attempted it is a sign of your commitment to the beauty of language. Thank you.



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