Longing for Monsoon

The earth parched thirsty, desert sand blazing hot, waiting for those first clouds to make an appearance and pour down the nectar of life; every worm, every insect, animal, bird, aching for those drops to wash their body off, taking away the layers of mud and grime, they have coated themselves in, hiding away from the ball of fire, resting up above amid the blue expanse, still devoid of the white and grey monsoon shades, they long for.Ā 

earth’s mouth open up

waiting long for single drop

gazing up above

*The haibun is written in response of Ligo Haibun Challenge.


16 thoughts on “Longing for Monsoon

    • It is agonizing when your eyes tend to gaze up at the sky, time and again.. here where temperatures rise up to 118 F and it rains merely 10 mm in a year.
      Though living in a desert, it doesn’t have a much drastic on my city because of the canal irrigating the fields here but it is another story in the other nearby areas, where the desert and the sun combines to create havoc in the lives of the people but anyhow they are now used to it.


  1. Everything about this piece is superb, the setting, the timing, the relationship Between the elements. We enjoyed it tremendously much. I didn’t push for a mention because of my narrow mind – the next step would be to relate it as a personal experience,with you at the ‘scene’. That cannot take away what a superb piece of writing it is.


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