Old Age Haiku

story of a life

narrated by zig-zag lines

engraving the skin


remaining silent

words can never speak of it

life at its twilight

P.s.- Written in response of VisDare Challenge. I composed a story earlier, keeping in mind the image of the prompt but forgetting to consider the word.. so I ended up creating a tale with an entirely another theme and I tried but couldn’t include the significance of the word “engraved” into it. So, I have written these two haiku inspiring from the photograph. Again, the second haiku is devoid of the main word or any of its synonymous counterpart. I apologize for that.

8 thoughts on “Old Age Haiku

  1. Two beautiful haiku. And never ever EVER worry about not including the word in the prompt!! When I participate in flash fiction, I try to capture the meaning without use the word prompt at all, unless the rules specifically state I have to use it. Kinda my own challenge I give myself.

    Of course, now I want to know what this story was that you wrote….because really the only prompt is the photo itself. I throw in the label for (a) blogging purposes ((I have to give the file a name)) and also (b) to challenge writers to take the photo beyond the obvious. It sounds like you did that. Soooooo…..do we get to read it?? šŸ˜€


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