Accident: A 100 Word Story

copyright – Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

“The truck driver had fallen asleep on his way to Kanpur,” he was reading from the newspaper for the benefit of his wife, who was serving him tea.

“An accident then, huh?” she said carelessly.

“Yup, it claimed 5 lives, that of the truck driver and four others of the same family riding in the car, the truck smashed.”

“That is sad.”

She was looking beautiful in her magenta sari with that brilliant red mark on forehead, which declared that she was his.

He lovingly pulled her onto his lap on the newspaper with the photograph of the harrowing accident scene.

*Written in response of the Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt.

55 thoughts on “Accident: A 100 Word Story

  1. Good illustration of how we can be totally unaffected by tragic news that’s not connected to us. Of course, it’s easier to ignore with a beautiful woman in front of you. 🙂


    • Right, you are… Thank you for reading. But sincerely, no one could actually feel the horrors of such an event except for those who have survived them, I guess.


  2. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    You create a very interesting contrast here — the photo seems full of motion and frenzy, and yet the scene you describe paints a picture of serenity. I found it very intriguing, darling.


    • It is true. We can let our tears flow for those whom we say we are ‘related’ to.. but what about the relation we have with the human kind- we all are humans and thus related in the most precise way of having the same bones, muscles and the blood coursing through our hearts.


      • yes well said… in Sanskrit there is a sentence/saying .”Vasudeva Kutubakam”.. which loosely translates as we (human kind) are one family of the all mighty…


        • We are indeed. That is true. But if only we accept this sole truth… I wonder at the feeling of love that would swirl around in the entire world.. It is sometimes good to think of a world with no wars, no violence.. everyone living in peace and harmony.


  3. Well written but I have a question? Did he pull her on his lap on top of the newspaper with the photograph because he did not want her to see who was in the photograph (as in her family?) And she was now his to protect?


    • That depends on reader’s perspective.. As Anton Chekhov well said that the role of an artist is to raise questions, not to answer them. Thank you for putting forth this question because no one else did. I was actually expecting it. I had different scenarios in my mind at the beginning and at the end; so even I won’t be able to give you a clear answer.
      And thank you for your kind remark.


      • You’re welcome. It was the way you wrote “he lovingly pulled her on his lap on the newspaper ‘with the photograph'” that made me think it might be a possibility. Thank you for answering my question and I did view the story from that perspective!


  4. Life does go on, even for families who were related to the victims, The narrator’s ‘yup’ comment only adds to my feeling that in recent years we have become too desensitised to violence. That’s the chilling impression I took from this story.


  5. kz says:

    great story. i loved the contrast as well. but what i loved most is imagining that the sad news might’ve jolted him to realizing how short life is and thus, made him appreciate his wife all the more, reminding him to make the most out of the given moments and suddenly hugged her 🙂 i get like that when i hear sad news. 🙂


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