More Social Networking!


Well I am now on twitter. Its been quite a while since I was thinking of making a twitter account. 

So you can follow me at @HowAnxious. You can follow me and of course, I will follow you back. And if you want, type out your twitter username down in the comments section. I will look into your profile and follow you. But I am new to twitter; so it would take a bit of time for me to get into the flow of the website. So, bear with me..

And moreover, I have been consistent in updating my goodreads account since last year but I haven’t got any friends there. You can be my friend there and we could share our reviews about the various books we have read. You can reach me at Red Rose.

And I am going to set up the goodreads and the twitter widget in the sidebar so that it would be easy for you to pay me a visit. 

That is all.



5 thoughts on “More Social Networking!

  1. Interesting… as a fellow poet and writer I can recommend various hashtags (mainly wordgames).. Myself I started with twitter and then got into blogging… Check out #artwiculate #lqw #ohj #liblit #haikuchallenge #altwic … Lots of fast-paced fun…


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