Embers: Composing Tan Renga

scattered in sand

embers of a saltwood fire

face to face with stars


bright red still smoldering hot

touch not, but savor the warmth

* The challenge was to compose the Tan Renga: I have written the second stanza in order to do so. The first stanza is by the poet Jane Reichhold.

* Written in response of Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge


10 thoughts on “Embers: Composing Tan Renga

    • Oh yes.. It reminds me as well of the harvest festival with bonfires we celebrate here in mid January..
      The poems are the representations of poet’s experiences and thoughts. So I guess that is why the reader can many a times relate to a poem in the end.. because of the shared experiences.


  1. All completed Tan Renga’s which I have read are in some way based on romance, so I was very surprised to read your Tan Renga completion, I love that second stanza … it makes the imagery of the first stanza stronger. Thank you for sharing HA.


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