opposite twins

opposite twins

residing in a dark alcove,

guarded by demonic angels

fighting for eternity;


the first calls for light

to enter the chamber

and is ready to traverse

along the labyrinth of emotions;


the other one ceases the struggle,

unspoken, move towards

the darkest part of the prison

and glare at his other half-


better or not,

with those dead eyes;

the former shrugs in response

and go to join the worse division;


some time will pass out

and another battle would surge

between the two brothers,

rooted in the same soul.

* Written in response to the dVerse Writing Prompt


14 thoughts on “opposite twins

  1. nice…like yin & yang these twins are opposite sides of the coin…one to the light, one to the dark…this is like the opening of an epic for sure between them….


    • Yes, they are the yin and yang… they coexist in the same being, who is fighting a never-ending battle with himself..
      Thank you for the kind remark. 🙂


    • The idea was to create the image of a troubled mind, split into two notions, which are in constant fight with each other, except for the little amount of time when they bow down before the others’ wishes.


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